17. Hiddenseemarathon on 30.6.2018 and

Canoe Week from 29.06. to 07.07.2018


Dear paddlers and friends,

the Stralsunder Canoe Club e.V. is inviting you again this year to the Hiddenseemarathon and the Stralsunder Canoe week.

The distance of the Hiddenseemarathon is overall 70 km through the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Stralsund, starting at the clubhouse in Stralsund around the isle of Hiddensee and back to Stralsund. Up to 90 percent of the route is located in the national park „Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft“. Besides the fun of canoeing this offers a unique experience of nature. Due to the fact that the distance is very long it’s a demanding race. Although exclusively non floating waters are passed, but with adverse winds the 20 kilometer long part of the route on the Baltic Sea can be very hard. A good fitness level is the presupposition to start! The race management reserves the right to change the course addicted to the wind and weather conditions. After the race every attendee will be provided with a relaxing massage, coffee, cake and a appropriate barbecue.

Assessment  is arranged  for  the kayak classes K1, K2, K1 and K2 open class (each  for male, female and mixed), as well as open relay team (male, female, mix) each for the year groups from 18 to 39, from 40 to 59 and 60 and beyond. A relay team consists of 3 athletes, doing the changeover at the beaches of Barhöft and Schaprode. The overland transport needs to be organised by the relay team itself.

Due safety reasons no racing- or down river racing boats are allowed and every canoe needs to be unsinkable. Everyone is committed to wear a life vest! Every canoe needs to carry a mobile phone. Boats, that doesn’t reach the Baltic Sea 3 hours after the start, will be taken out oft the race and send back to the start. Every boat, not reaching the last checkpoint till 3p.m., will be picked up by the accompanying boats. Every athlete is bound to the race management orders. Contravention will be punished by a disqualification. The start occurs on own risk!

Local registration for the marathon needs to be done on the 29.06.2018 till 19 o’clock. At 20 o‘clock a briefing of  the watercourses and the route will be hold. Compulsory attendance applies for the briefing. Furthermore  every  attendee will get a map of the routing. Start of the race is the 30.06.2018 at 6a.m.

The canoe week this year will again take place after the marathon. During the 5 days we will present you a couple of the best routes around Stralsund. You will find the exact program on the following page. All routes depend on the local wind and weather! According to this conditions all tours can be switched respectively a alternative option will be given. Experience of big lakes and use of a life jacket is compulsory!

Registration/ Fee fort he Hiddensee-Marathon:
till the 21.05.: 55€/ person 
till 10.06.: 75€ per person
after: no registration available.

For the marathon exists a maximum of 70 registrations. These will be assigned in the upon entry order.

till the 21.05. the entry-fee will be recompensed
till the 10.06.: we will demand a due of 30€
after the 10.06.: no refund possible!

Registration Canoe-Week:
For the canoe week there is a maximum of 23 registrations. These will be assigned in the upon entry order.

Registration can be done via the registration form at www.stralsunder-kanu-club.de 

The accommodation is destined in tents on the club-area. Limited amounts of caravan campsites are available as well. Charges for overnight stays are not contained in the starting fee and will be collected locally. For more informations visit our homepage.

We wish you a good start into the new season and we would be pleased to welcome you at the canoe week.

Your Stralsunder Canoe Club e.V.

Schedule Hiddenseemarathon and Canoe week vom 29.06. – 07.07.2018

Friday, 29.06.2018                 Arrival to Hiddenseemarathon

            till         19.00 o’clock  Registration for the marathon

                         20.00 o‘clock  Marathon briefing (compulsory attendance for ervery starter!)


Saturday, 30.06.2018            Hiddenseemarathon             

                        Start fee 55,00 € (till the 21.05.) | 70,00 € (till the 10.06.)

                        06.00 o‘clock  Start

                        18.30 o‘clock  Award ceremony

Sunday, 01.07.2018               Arrival to Canoe week

                         15.00 o‘clock  Prelude in Stralsund: around the „Dänholm“ (approx. 10 km),
                         subsequently introducing to rescue techniques



Monday, 02.07.2018              Through the „Darss-Zingster Boddenkette“

                        Start fee 25,00 €

                        8.00 o‘clock    Departure with car to „Barth“, Canoe from „Barth“ to „Barhöft“ (approx. 27 km)

                        20.00 o‘clock  barbecue



Tuesday, 03.07.2018             Around „Darßer Ort“

                        Start fee 25,00 €

                        8.00 o‘clock    Departure with car to „Ahrenshoop“ or „Prerow“(according to the weather)
                        circum navigation „Darßer Ort“: Canoe from „Ahrenshoop“ to „Prerow“ or from „Prerow“ to „Ahrenshoop“ (25 km)

                        20.00 o’clock  Lecture at the clubhouse



Wednesday, 04.07.2018        Around „Mönchgut“

                         Start fee 25,00 €

                         8.00 o’clock   Departure with car to „Moritzdorf“ or „Lobbe“ (according to the weather), Canoe from „Moritzdorf“ to „Lobbe“ or reverse (25 km)


Thursday, 05.07.2018            Nationalpark Jasmund Kreideküste

                        Start fee 25,00 €

                        8.00 o‘clock    Departure with car to „Glowe“ or „Mukran“

                        Canoe from „Glowe“ to „Mukran“ (32 km) with break in „Lohme“

                        20.00 o‘clock  Guidance through the city



Friday, 06.07.2018                 To the isle Riems

                          Start fee 25,00 €

                          8.00 o‘clock    Canoe to „Gristow“ (22km), with option to canoe back to Stralsund


Saturday, 07.07.2018            Departure


The starting fee contains the transfer of attendees and boats as well as the familiar with the place guidance. Participation is at your own risk!